Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My book obsession...

  Here I am about to confess to you that I read more than one book at a time.  It's not something I am ashamed of or proud of, it's just who I am. Now, this is not to say that I don't hunker down with an all absorbing read and devour it in one or two sittings. I do that often and when I'm really enthralled with a story and just can't seem to break away, I've been known to read a book all night long. This may seem quite normal to some, and to others like the most insane ridiculous thing to do. 
  I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. But, like a lot of mom's I've talked to, reading became a forgotten pastime during those early baby days.  So, reading was a hit or miss thing for me until a certain book hit....Twilight. Yes, I tried to avoid the brew ha ha.....I mean teenage vampires, who needs that? Well, I did. I read the entire series (I was late to the party) in one week.  I'm a stay at home mom of three, so yes, my duties were the bare minimum. Food, laundry, shower. Read read read. My love of reading was reborn. I then found Amazon's recommended reading and away I went. I never looked back.
  Now that I have confessed my book addiction and quirks, here is a list of the books I am currently reading. It's not in any particular order, but I am currently focusing on "The Nines"  by Dakota Madison. It's an ARC and I have a review due soon. Reviewing is very important to me. I take it seriously, take notes while reading and basically treat it like a job. I see some very poorly written or angry, hate filled reviews and find it offensive. I know some may find this to be a bit extreme, that's ok. I just feel that the author has put their heart and soul into their work, I know I could never write a book, and the least I can do is take the review seriously and give it my all.

My current reads:

I'll be posting my reviews on each, the first review will be for "The Nines".  I have also recently read 'Behind the Lens" by Heather Dahlgren and Surviving Him by D.A. Keane. "Behind the Lens" is releasing this Friday and I will be posting my review of them all then.