Thursday, March 17, 2016

Author: S.L. Baker 
Title: Scarlett and The Feds
Series: Yes
Genre: Crime Fiction/Romance
Release Date: 3/17/16

About me: SL Baker grew up in a small New England town but was lured to the coast of North Carolina by the sweet smell of the Azaleas and the beckoning of the ocean and most important no snow or bone chilling temperatures. When not writing she works full time as an account manager and is raising three kids and sometimes can squeeze in running or maybe even sleeping. Writing began as a hobby a late night elixir to relax and blossomed into her debut into erotic romance scene with the first novel of the series Scarlett and the Mobster that blends Sothern charm and innocence with the grit and turbulence of the mob exploding into a combustible mixture that is sure to leave her reader craving more. Her writing style is inspired by the words of a dear friend that writing not only frees the mind but heals the soul. SL is no novice to the literary world having written two novels before both in the medical thriller genre. Her journey into erotic romance has just begun so strap in and enjoy the ride.
Excerpts- Feel free to pick one or two.

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1. “We still faced a daunting, terrifying opponent, but the odds were not impossible. I felt for a brief second we’d survive this. I had a mobster in my corner.”

2. Scarlett rubbed her hands together in anticipation usually his surprises result with me lying in a marinade of my own juices and Scarlett puffing on a cigar.

3. Scarlett was so excited she almost peed. She was going to get the chance to kick some gangster booty tonight. I was terrified. Shit was going to get real. I’m overcome with so many emotions all mixed together it was overwhelming. I was walking into a death trap and the odds of someone not dying tonight was slim. I just prayed it wasn’t Victor, Hawke or me. Scarlett rubbed my shoulder like a manager does to his boxer before he heads back into the ring to get the shit beat out of him. I didn’t want to go into the ring with Joe Salvatore because I would be one lying face down in a pool of my own blood.