Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My review of Rules of Payne 2 by Elizabeth Lynx

I'd been in a deep reading slump for quite a few months, I just had no desire to finish reading anything I had started and had been anxiously awaiting the conclusion to Morgana's and Henrik's story. I devoured it the first day I had it in my possession. What I love most about Elizabeth Lynx's writing are the quirky sexy characters that she dreams up. They aren't cookie cutter characters, engaged in (we're all perfect) contemporary romance script. She injects her own unique humor and style, smart quick dialogue with a fresh edge to her storyline. Not one of her characters is without flaws, which makes me cheer for them all the more. Both of Elizabeth Lynx's series, THEM and Rules, carry her trade mark style of strong, smart and sassy women trying to connect and find love. The men are successful and sexy, each carry their own secrets and struggles. You can hear her tone in each series, but it's not recycled. Henrik Payne is rude yet charming, sexy and tender , fluctuating between his emotions like child on a sugar high. His growly dirty talk is yummolicious and a huge contrast to the cold distant persona he hides behind. The slow breakdown of of Henrik's walls by Morgana was fantastic to read, they both struggled with giving too much to the other and once Morgana had enough, Henrik was pushed to make decision, grab Payne 2 and find out if he wins the battle.