Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 11/6/2015

Adazi Anderson is a career woman who gets the offer of a lifetime at billionaire architect Braxton Legend’s firm. Her new boss is handsome, suave, and brilliant. But Adazi knows 

Braxton can have his pick of any woman and getting close to him can leave her brokenhearted.
Braxton Legend is a design prodigy whose firm is becoming an industry powerhouse.  He knows about beauty and form…and Adazi has them both. 

Well-known for being calculating and shrewd, Braxton’s reputation precedes him. But can one woman chip away the wall he’s built around himself?

My Review

The Mogul Boss is a nice light, delicious treat. I loved the strength and conviction of Adazi Anderson, she made personal sacrifices and worked even harder fighting for respect, risking her heart in the process. Braxton Legend, while being hot, successful and confident.... Like many men, needed a little help to see what he had in Adazi. I really liked the characters and the flow of the story. It was entertaining and had the right mix of emotional and sexual tension. I'll definitely read more from J.A. Pierre.

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