Thursday, November 26, 2015

Colin’s Quest Excerpts

Excerpt 1:
Colin lowered himself next to Sarah, letting their thighs touch as he ran his hands through his hair, squeezing out the moisture. Lowering his hands, he turned toward her, his heart swelling at the look of adoration in her eyes.
“I’ve missed you,” he whispered so no one else could hear, grasping her hand in his. “We have to talk.”
“I know, but how? Da doesn’t let me get more than a few feet away from the wagon.” She threaded her fingers through his and squeezed.
“Everyone will be busy for the next two days, cleaning up after the storm, searching for lost animals, and repairing wagons. Your da can’t watch you every minute. We’ll find a way.” He leaned toward her, wishing he could brush his lips across hers. He’d kissed her for a brief moment once and couldn’t forget the taste of her. He had no intention of ever forgetting.
“Robena, Sarah, are you in there?”
Sarah’s frightened eyes locked on Colin at the sound of her father’s voice. Without thought, he leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek before launching himself out the front of the wagon as the back flap flew open.

Excerpt 2:
“You’ve changed since I last saw you.” Colin tightened his grip on her hand.
“You’re even more beautiful than I remember.” Turning her toward him, he stroked his knuckles down her cheek, watching as her eyes glowed. She didn’t resist when he moved his hand behind her neck to draw her close. “I want to kiss you, Sarah.”
“Aye, it’s been too long.” She sucked in a breath, waiting, as he lowered his head, brushing his lips across hers once, then twice before taking her mouth.
Pulling back, he rested his forehead against hers.
“How many boys have you kissed while you waited for me?” He knew asking wasn’t fair, yet he couldn’t stop the words.
“I’ve kissed only one boy. You. Is it so obvious?”
He made no answer other than to place a trail of kisses down her face, stopping at the corner of her mouth.
“More, Colin. I want more.” 
Seconds turned to minutes as the kiss heated, their arms tightening around each other. His hands moved to her hair, threading silken strands through his fingers as he positioned her for better access. Tracing her lips with the tip of his tongue, he encouraged her to open as his hands moved to her hips.
An intense shudder heated her body, her heartbeat pounding in her ears as she squirmed to get closer. The force of the desire she felt shocked her.
Feeling his hands tighten on her hips, sending an involuntary tremor through her and a strange aching in her limbs, she moaned against his mouth.
Breaking the contact, Colin pulled back, his breath coming in deep gulps. “We need to stop, lassie. We cannot continue like this.”
Her grip on him tightened, confusion replacing the passion he saw moments before.
His strong hands cupped her face as his eyes locked on hers. “If we don’t stop, we may do something you’ll regret.”
Her flesh tingled as his warm breath fanned her face. “Do you not want me, Colin?”
He mumbled a soft curse, realizing she thought his actions were a lack of desire.
“Nae, lassie. I’ve never wanted anyone more.”
Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips, her brows furrowing at his words. “I’ve waited five years for you, Colin MacLaren. I’ll not wait a minute longer.” 

Excerpt 3:
He watched her eyes widen as her voice trailed off, turning to flash him one of her bright smiles, the kind that always made his breath hitch.
“It’s stunning.” She peered down into a lagoon, the surface sparkling from the light of the moon. “Can we get closer?”
Taking her hand, they took an overgrown path to the water’s edge. “I found it not long after we settled here. I used to come here often to get away.” He cast her a cautious look. “To think of us, wonder if I’d ever find you, if you’d follow me here.”
Wrapping her arms around his waist, she nestled her head on his chest. “And here we are. It seems some prayers are answered. Have you ever swam in the lagoon?”
“Many times.” Dropping his arms, he unbuttoned his shirt, shrugging out of it before starting on his trousers, not stopping until he stood before her, naked as the day he’d been born.
“Colin MacLaren.” She crossed her arms. “What are you doing?”
“Going swimming. Join me, Sarah.” Turning toward the water, he dashed in, ignoring the cold, swimming several feet from the shore. “Come on. No one will see us.”
Even knowing how isolated they were, she still hesitated to remove her dress. Instead, she removed her shoes and stockings, stepping into the water.
“It’s cold!”
“I’ll keep you warm,” he grinned, opening his arms wide. 
Laughing, she loosened her dress, letting it slide to the ground, leaving her in nothing but a thin chemise. Looking around once more, she bit her bottom lip, closed her eyes, then dashed into the water before she changed her mind.
Colin swam toward her, stopping a few feet away when she stood, tilting her head back, allowing the water to run down her back. His breath caught at the sight before him. The shapeless chemise clung to her body, accentuating every glorious curve, tightening around her tiny waist, leaving little to his imagination.
“What is it, Colin?” 
Shaking his head, he moved toward her, catching Sarah in his arms. “Nothing, lass,” he whispered against her ear.
“It is s-so cold,” she stuttered.
“Ach, it’s not so bad. My body will warm you in a moment. And I know a way to help it along.” Cupping her cheek with one hand, he molded his mouth to hers, letting it deepen until she clung to him. He pulled back on her soft moan, his dark gaze traveling over her, his breathing ragged. The chemise clung to her skin, a translucent covering which did nothing to hide her from his view. Crushing her to him, he held nothing back, fierce in the way he took possession of her mouth, plunging his tongue inside as her fingers dug into his shoulders.
Lifting Sarah into his arms, Colin carried her to the shore, lowering her feet to the ground, then spreading their clothes near the water. Taking her in his arms, they sank to their knees, clinging to each other as he continued to ravage her mouth, his hands molding her to him.
Sarah’s heart hammered in her chest, the sensations created by Colin’s soft caresses, his knowing hands moving over her body, caused a raging fire to flash through her. As his hands continued to explore, her body grew heavy and warm, a heated shudder pulsing low in her stomach.
Reaching between them, she splayed her hands across his chest, then lower, feeling the taut muscles of his stomach. On a gasp, he pulled back, slowly laying her down, stretching out beside her.
“I need you, Colin,” she breathed out, unable to control her thundering heart.
“Ah, lass. No more than I need you.”