Monday, November 16, 2015

My reviews of Enough Secrets and Enough Time by Alexis Riddley

Enough Secrets and Enough Time are the kind of stories that make you drop everything so that you can  read them in a single sitting. You're so drawn to the characters and their story, that you hate to have to stop reading.  You think about the characters and count down the time until you read more. I was completely blown away by Enough Secrets and Enough Time, my separate reviews follow. 

I read the synopsis of Enough Secrets, but nothing prepared me for the amazing story that unfolded, and I'm struggling to write this review without spoiling it. First of all, the dynamics between Winston, Charlie (Charlotte) and Aiden are intense, sexy, twisted and not at all what I'd expected. That's a HUGE treat in any story. I've read stories with a similar baseline, but there was so much more to this story, a lot more. Alexis Riddley took so many elements and tied them together masterfully. You had BDSM, ménage, mystery, psychopathy, revenge and regret. I found myself, cringing, gasping, and maybe shedding a tear or two. This is one of those rare stories I'll be reading again, perfect! 

Oh my gosh!!!! I thought Enough Secrets took me on a whirl wind of a ride...this fantastic book, GUTTED ME. Winston West, is an extremely complicated man, he's wounded, lost and in deep despair. You must, must, must read these books. I was transfixed by the emotion and depth depicted in this story, Amazing! Again, another story by Alexis Riddley I'll be reading again.

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