Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Title: Claimed (Death Dealers MC, Book 3)
Author: @Alana Sapphire
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This international bestseller will be 99c (US) until 11/28! Books 1 & 2 - Forbidden and Tempted, must be read first (also 99c each). All 3 are FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
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I’m broken. Damaged goods. I was violated in the vilest way possible and I’ll never be the same. He’ll never claim me now. Why would he even still want me? Why would anyone? I don’t have what he wants anymore. I’m not even the same girl he met. He’ll leave me just like everyone else in my life. I don’t want him to go. He’s all I have.   
I should have protected her and I didn’t. Everything that happened is my fault and if she wants nothing to do with me I wouldn’t blame her. I know I should have stayed away from her but I was selfish. I still am. I’ll move Heaven, Hell, and everything in between in order to make things right. I don’t want to lose her. I can’t. She’s MINE.   
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“I told you to wait for me,” he growls.
“I got bored.”
“Bored?” he asks in disbelief. “The entire time I was gone, all I could think about was you and your pussy...getting home and diving into that shit.”
Diving? What does he think I am, a fucking pool? “Diving?”
“As wet as you get for me, babe, ain’t no other way to describe it.”
I swallow hard. As crude as he is, I still find it sexy as hell. “That shit?”
Grabbing my thighs, he picks me up, wrapping my legs around his hips. He presses against me, leaving no room between his dick and my pussy. I fight the urge to moan.
“This shit. My shit,” he proclaims.
Dear. God. I want nothing more than for him to dive into his shit right now, but I don’t know why I have to be such a smart-ass. “Baby Jesus. Can’t you control that thing?”
“Not when it’s in its happy place.”
Fuck. “It’s happy place?”
“Right between your thighs, baby doll.”
Double fuck. “We’re in public!”
“I give zero fucks. You’re mine. If I want to fuck you on the stage in front of everyone, I can. Just be glad I don’t want anyone seeing your sexy ass.”
“Caveman much?”
He grinds his hips against me, pressing his hard-on onto my pussy. My muscles clench and I suck in a breath. He leans closer, his lips a whisper from mine. Fuck. That stage is looking pretty good right now.
“There are few things in this life that are certain, Raven. But there’s one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt. You. Belong. To me.”