Monday, January 18, 2016

My interview with the extremely talented and slightly elusive author Jeff Prebis. Jeff is the author of numerous books within the horror/erotic genre. His books use any subject from pop culture and current events to designer drugs, demonic flesh eating sex fiends or psychotic fan girls in love with the latest movie idol. Nothing it seems is off limits. 

I've read Jim's Revelation, Black and Blue, Sexy People and have started A Trip Down Psychopath Lane.  Can you describe your style of writing for those that are new to your work? 

It varies from novel to novel, story to story. A reader can expect something bizarre or gruesome, some funny moments, and an element of the erotic. Beware: No character is ever safe. Anyone can die.

Is there any book you'd like to revisit or write a sequel? 

I have a female detective in A Trip Down Psychopath Lane who I may use in a future novel or novels.

Are there any celebrities or authors, that you'd like to have read your books? 

My favorite authors. Clive Barker and Chuck Palahniuk. They inspired me greatly.

What do you read? 

Anything surprising like anime? 

I read a lot of comic books when I was young. I was a huge Spider Man fan. As I grew older, I started reading purely fiction novels. I don’t always read horror or science fiction, though most of my work is a blend of the two genres. I buy books which have ideas that intrigue me.

Can you give a little hint on any WIP (works in progress)? 

I’m working on a story about the fundamental differences between the main character and the rest of his family. Simply, they are psychotic and he is not.

If you could create the perfect fan, like the characters Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly create their perfect woman in the 80’s movie Weird Science, using jumper cables and a computer, what would the fan be like? 

I treat each fan as a person. I’m a person. I will speak to any fan who addresses me.

When you converse with people on Social Media ( I know you hate that term) fans and other authors, do you picture them as possible victims in your stories? 

No. The characters in my stories are purely fictional. They are their own individuals who reside in their own worlds.

What authors (living or dead) would you love to eat Burger King with? What authors (living or dead) would you love to pour RagĂș over their heads? 

Carlton Mellick III is an interesting author. I would go to Burger King with him. As I mentioned before, my favorite authors are Clive Barker and Chuck Palahniuk. There are a few authors who I would love to pour Ragu on, but I won’t name them. I’ll take the high road.

If you could go back in time to be anyone in history, live their lives, maybe even change mistakes you know they made, who would it be? 

I would go back in time and force Donald Trump’s mother to have an abortion.

What other profession, other than writing, have you always wanted to try? 

I think being a private investigator would be interesting. I think I could get into some crazy adventures, definitely a little trouble.

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