Friday, January 15, 2016

Title: Bittersweet Illusion
Author: Robin Lee
Cover Designer: Robin Lee
Projected Release: March 2016

Genre: Poetry


This is not your English teacher’s idea of poetry. I follow no rules when I write; I just bleed out what’s on my heart and in my head. From contentment to anger, elation to devastation, ecstasy to agony and all points between, take a walk through the many rooms of my imagination with my words as your guide. Forget your preconceived notions of what poetry is and allow the words to speak to your soul.


There’s a storm brewing in my soul.
I can feel the electricity sparking.
A thunderous boom shakes my foundation.
The tension is building higher and faster.
My heart is pounding, my body quakes.
I can feel myself falling,
Slipping from reality’s realm with each breath.
Oh, God….

About the Author

Robin Lee is a mild mannered (read: boring) number cruncher by day, snarky bitch who loves to put pen to paper by night, and a not so sweet Southern Belle from South Carolina who currently resides near Miami, FloridaShe’s been an avid reader since she learned to read, but she only started her writing journey in 2015 when the voices in her head just wouldn’t stop talking. Poetry is what started it all, but she’s now branching out into short stories and novels. 

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