Sunday, February 7, 2016

                                  One Simple Mistake 
My Review 


One Simple Mistake is a fantastic tender and emotional story. Vivian was such a sweet character, at first I thought she'd be a hard character to relate to, but I found myself cheering for her.  She was innocent, shy and awkward, but you ended up seeing her open herself up and gain strength and self esteem through the love of Doug. Because of Doug's patience Vivian blossomed and became a strong woman. I absolutely fell in love with Doug Benton. He's so incredibly thoughtful, patient and amazing with Vivian. I will admit I was thoroughly upset with his "mistake", but loved him so much that I forgave him. Will Vivian? Should she? I won't spoil it for you, you must read to find the answer. The only hard part about reading this is that while it's book one of the Citadel Series, it's a continuation of the characters and storylines from the Love Under Construction series, the previous characters back stories sound amazing and are referenced throughout, so sometimes I was a little confused about the inner play with everyone else. It doesn't take away from the great story, it just needs to be explained. I of course am dying to go and read the Love Under Construction series, I have to read about these awesome characters in full now.